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Pocha LA offers a Modern Mexican, family-dining experience that is rooted in tradition while showcasing the evolution of new food trends. We vow to provide fresh food, superior quality, and friendly service, always. 

Pocha is our culture. Angelina Pride is our heritage. This is the place for rule-breakers, risk takers… those who are on a mission to level up, who are willing to go for it and play full out. At Pocha our philosophy is fearless: overcoming obstacles and conquering challenges. We maintain the integrity of tradition, yet we are open to innovation and new ideas. We are a fusion of both Mexican and American cultures with the utmost respect for both sides of the border. We stand for empowerment and growth, inclusion, and UNITY. We embrace owning who you are: starting where you are, with what you’ve got… and never settling. Pocha… we aren't just a dining experience, we are a movement.